IEC Mould appreciate that we are the quality control checkpoint for you products. And all the staff contributes to the product assurance for your products.

Now, we have earned a good reputation as "ship-stock'' supplier among our customers owing to our strict management in quality.

First, all of our manufacturing sites have earned ISO 9001:2000 Certification, which is rewarded to our contribution to the quality control.

Second, Quality Management System is designed to control the quality of the product. And we have internal quality guidebooks, that is, Quality Assurance Manual and Operation Procedure, to normalize the management.

Third, our quality management staffs have adequate educational background and rich experience. Personnel involved in the quality management include Quality Engineers, Quality Technicians and Inspectors.

We are confident that our QA team will ensure the quality of your product along with the newest equipments, which we are always updating to cater to the demand of customers.
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